Grow Your Circle

In 2018, we received a brief for a client's for-good initiative aimed at aspiring female entrepreneurs around the world. Inspired by the initiative, our mission was to run the entire production with only female entrepreneurs. When we found it incredibly challenging to reach that goal, we knew we needed to fix this gap.

We decided to create Grow Your Circle, a digital tool for the entire US advertising industry that allows agencies and producers to find underrepresented talent from disciplines across all types of production including film, digital, and experiential. The tool was born out of equal parts necessity and passion to diversify the advertising production industry. The platform showcases a wide range of disciplines within the production industry including developers, editors, animators, etc. More importantly, it gives access to many other underrepresented entrepreneurs, like those who identify as LGBTQ+, come from diverse backgrounds, or live with a disability.

We hope Circle inspires the industry to recognize the power of their buying decisions, fulfills our responsibility to help minimize the inequality across the production industry, and creates better work as a result of it.